Nicki Minaj Naked

Nicki Minaj teases us by almost showing herself naked all the time, so wouldn’t it be great if there was some video out there that could put an end to all the sexual teasing. Well luckily, there is, we can see Nicki Minaj naked in all her sexy big booty glory.

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

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We can’t say for sure who leaked the tape, sometimes celebrities leak their own sex tape just for publicity. Like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, and don’t be fooled by their sob stories. They made millions directly from the tapes, and make even more based on the exposure the gained them. But on the other hand, with Nicki Minaj, what reason would she have to put out a sex tape? She’s already the biggest female rapper out there, and one of the biggest rappers period. But there’s a naked Nicki Minaj tape out there for all to see.

So we have to say that she probably didn’t leak the sextape. But we can’t see her crying foul too much if you compare the naked video to all the video she’s proudly put out of her self. Does that little bit of fabric covering her nipple (and she has had numerous nipple slips_ make all the difference? Does the tiny piece of underwear covering up exactly 10 percent of your ass make all the difference? If one is what you want to be associated with you and the other is something horrible, that’s not much of a difference.

Regardless we’re very happy this video is out for all to enjoy. Nicki Minaj has proven to be able to get passed stuff like this, and she hasn’t addressed publicly the sextape, but we know she’ll be fine. Fine as in fine ass that is. Her body is for the men, and all those goofy things she wears, all the fashion, is for the women. So she covers two demographics. Don’t think guys care one bit about her style or even her sometimes annoying rapping. We wouldn’t care if she was draped in nothing but… nothing. She definitely doesn’t have the body of a typical white model, but she makes up for it by copying Lady Gaga and putting a birdhouse on her head, or fake lightning bolts. She really doesn’t need any of that, and to be honest it takes away from some of the sex appeal. That and those weird vocal ranges she somehow produces. We don’t know why singing like your in a cartoon, in ridiculous ranges, is impressive. But without heavy studio effects, her singing voice sounds like crap. So we understand the need to compensate.