Seeing Nicki Minaj nude is something many men want to see. When she flaunts her body in the music videos and on the red carpet, she does show a lot. A lot of ass, specifically. She might as well be nude and naked half the time. But we have video that shows her completely nude, check it out below.

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Nicki Minaj Nude


And Nicki Minaj has been getting even more stripped d.own recently, instead of the opposite. Perhaps she needs to show off all the work she’s had done on that body. Not like we’re complaining though. When she was on the set of Starships, she perhaps took it to another level. We say her in a teeny weeny pink bikini. The set was a music video set, and she’ll be releasing this on YouTube very soon.

We can’t say whether Nicki is still messing with Drake, but we all know that that dude cannot handle that ass, just imagine how much more POW that booty is when it’s nude. That would send brothers like Drake running away for the hills, because they know they couldn’t handle that. She has Godzilla ass for real.

The one thing that can take away from some of her sexiness is that ugly ass weave hair she always wears. Green? Pink? Blonde? Blue? Choose one! I personally thing she looks best in her natural black hair. Well, maybe a black weave. Some think she’s just trying to be white with all these non-black colored weaves Nicki Minaj wears. But we still love her.

And now we hear that, just like Snookie, Nicki is trying to write some books. Two in fact. But we all know she’s not actually writing that stuff, but using a ghostwriter. I guess she’s trying to cash in as soon as possible. The Nicki Minaj nude body won’t always look as good as it does now. But as the saying goes, “Black don’t crack”.