Watch Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Video

Finally you can watch the Nicki Minaj Sex Tape video online. The sex tape leaked in 2011 but was hard to find for a while, now we have it here for you to enjoy. We all know Nicki Mina puts out a real bad girl and sex object image, so it’s no surprise to learn she’s the latest celebrity to have a sex tape filmed and leaked on the internet.

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

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This sex tape appears to have been made before she was famous, and there’s no word on an ex-boyfriend leaking this to the internet, actually we aren’t even sure the guy in the video was her boyfriend. Not saying she was ever a prostitute, but you know what I mean Nicki Minaj is, we have to say, is most famous for her booty. For a while it was all about Kim Kardashian (who also has a sextape) and her slightly smaller ass, but Nicki has stepped up the booty game and is proud to show her curves. Nicki is of half Indian half Black descent, adding some unique flavor. At first we felt a little bad she had a sex tape leak, but then we watches a few of her videos, like Stupid Hoe. And you can’t say she wasn’t asking for it.

Now a lot of people have speculated on if her ass is really real. Well we have to admit in a lot of her videos and pictures it does look a bit disproportionately big. She hasn’t denied or came clean about the rumors, usually in her situation celebrities will deny it. And if they don’t, it’s probably true. But we have to say we think it’s real. You see booties like that a lot, some people are just built that way. But we have to admit we don’t really care, because just like fake boobs, it’s hot to look at. Her boobs are most likely real and you haven’t really heard a lot of people questioning Nicki Minaj’s breasts, even though they are quite big as well, but overshadowed, literally, but something else.

Nicki Minaj reached mainstream success when she came out with Super Bass, she was pretty well known before, but this song was a hard rap track and was more approaching to little white girls. Like those two princess dressed girls in England singing about coke and having sex. Now a lot of people think Nicki is too curvy, and in an atmosphere where we accept curvaceousness, she is pushing the bounds. Some say she is trying to be the black Lady Gaga, and she definitely has bit some of her style. Especially with her sacrilegious performance at the 2012 Grammys. But she also has that black Barbie things going on, and she obviously plays up her sexiness more than Lady Gaga. And thanks to that we have the Nicki Minaj sextape.